When Lytro was announced earlier this year it promised the ability to take photos in a way completely unlike any other camera, allowing you change the focus — and possibly even the angle of the shot — after it was already taken. The concept spartked some heated discussions among photo communities. Since then, we’ve seen fashion shoots and shuttle missions captured with the camera, but solid details are still sadly lacking. Word is that the camera is meant to launch later this year, but that doesn’t leave much time to get this thing onto shelves.

According to AllThingsD, Lytro is gearing up for launch, including getting the manufacturing started to get the first units into peoples hands.

It remains to be seen if this is enough to get these cameras out of the door and into the stores in time for the holiday season, as we’re only a couple of months short of the end of the year, but hopefully we’ll get our hands on one in the near future. Then we just have to figure out how to review the thing…