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On the Other Hand
The right hand's got the mouse and the tablet, but what does the left hand do while you're editing and sorting-other than, say, grab your cheese puffs? Not much, until now. Logitech's versatile NuLOOQ navigator ($150 direct) will make use of your idle fingers. Almost every part of this little hockey puck can be turned, squeezed, and poked to scroll, zoom, and access and fine-tune tools. You can use it with the NuLOOQ tooldial software (included, or $50 separately), a virtual, customizable version of the navigator. Or get the software alone and speed along your workflow-although you'll have to use your mouse or your keyboard to do it. (; 800-231-7717)

PC-Free Pictures
Cozying up on the couch to look at photos is a lot nicer than crowding in front of the computer, and Sony's new HDPS-L1 80GB hard drive photo storage unit ($300, estimated street) enables this in one of the coolest ways we've seen. It's smaller than the average DVD player, connects easily to a home entertainment system, supports seven types of flash memory cards, and can be operated by wireless remote. You can also use it to create slide shows. The sweetest part? All this happens in high-def. (; 800-222-7669)

Digital IR Now
All digital cameras have the native ability to record infrared, but most manufacturers install an IR-blocking filter. Now you can get yours removed: For $450, a company named LPD, LLC will convert your camera. Choose all-IR to shoot in infrared all the time, or pick the method that lets you screw on an IR filter when the mood strikes. Just don't blame us if you void your warranty. (; 201-882-0344)

Bigger, Faster, Stronger
SanDisk's new Extreme III CompactFlash cards top the market for speed at 20MB per second, and now these memory cards hold up to an impressive 8GB. In case your summer photo expedition is stalking yeti in the Himalayas or prowling the Sahara, they can withstand severe temperatures-ranging from -13ºF to 185ºF, according to the manufacturer. Street price: from $75 (1GB) to $470 (8GB). If your suitcase is too full for a card reader, consider the folding Ultra II SD Plus card pictured above, now available in 2GB for $145 (street). Plug it straight into your computer's USB 2.0 port to offload. (; 866-726-3475)

Geek Out
When you travel, you gotta bring your DSLR, a couple of lenses, and a flash. But what about your 17-inch laptop, spare memory cards, your MP3 player, and a jacket in case it rains? Finally, there's a bag for the techie who wants to protect his or her stuff but doesn't want a backpack as big as a house-and totes around more than just camera gear. We also think this LowePro CompuDaypack ($100, street) is quite stylish. (; 800-800-5693)

Flashy Flash Drives
We hate having to stick our flash drives into the computer to find out how much memory is left. That's why we like Memorex's 1GB Travel Drive ID ($100, estimated street). The name you give it and the amount of space remaining shows up in a digital readout on the outside. Or, if bling is more your thing, class up your data with the $3,600 gold-and-diamond flash drive from a Dutch company called White Lake ( Unfortunately, the diamonds don't light up when the drive's full.