By now you may have given up looking for the UBA (Universal Business Adapter), but Sony’s getting closer with its new CLIÉ PEG-NZ90 ($800, street), a PDA which features a 2-megapixel (1600×1200) autofocus digital camera with built-in flash. The camera has manual exposure adjustment, 2X digital zoom, redeye reduction, six different white-balance settings (including auto, daylight, and incandescent), MPEG video capture, and a self-timer. Sony says the high-resolution color flip screen allows for easy viewing and editing of images even in bright sunlight. The NZ90’s Memory Stick slot is compatible with the new Memory Stick PRO, so video clips can be shot and viewed right on the screen. The NZ90 has a built-in MP3 player (headphones included), integrated Bluetooth (wireless connectivity to other Bluetooth-enabled devices), a Wi-Fi (802.11b) slot, a removable lithium-ion battery pack (unusual for PDAs), and a foldable docking station. For a complete list of the goodies, log onto

Mac owners: have you been thinking about upgrading from iMovie to a more expensive video-editing program just so you could animate your text? Save your pennies, because eZedia has just released eZediaMotion ($49, street), a plug-in for iMovie that features text animation. With eZediaMotion, you can create path animation sequences and composite multiple layers to sit right over your digital video footage. We can’t guarantee the family will like watching your Disney vacation footage for the 100th time, but you can at least have professional-looking videos without a pro-level pricetag. eZedia-Motion is compatible with iMovie 2.1.1 or greater, and can be downloaded at

If you’re a scrapbooking fanatic who’s tired of cutting up 13×19-inch inkjet paper because all you really need is 12×12 or smaller, you can retire those scissors. Epson recently started shipping its Matte Scrapbook paper in 12×12 and letter size, and its Semigloss Scrapbook photo paper in letter size. All Epson scrapbook papers are acid- and lignin-free for long life. And even if you haven’t gone digital in the camera department yet, you might find these papers handy for adding your own backgrounds or elements to scrapbooks. To learn more, visit

If your little digital (or film) doodads keep getting lost in your big camera bag, Tamrac’s new photo bags may help you find them. The revised 5612 Pro 12 bag ($170, street) features Tamrac’s patented Slide Pockets, that allow easy access into the hidden pockets located behind the front compartments. The Slide Pockets incorporate a Memory Management System designed to hold memory cards, batteries, a PC card, and other small accessories that so easily disappear at the bottom of a large camera bag. If you’re intrigued but aren’t looking for such a large bag try Tamrac’s 5602 System 2 ($55, street) which also offers the Slide Pocket. Looking for a convertible? Try the Digital Double Decker ($70, street), with a detachable compartment for accessory-light days. To learn more about Tamrac bags, visit

Dazzle, the card reader folks, are now marketing an 8-in-1 USB 2.0 high-speed card reader ($50, street). The 8-in-1 accepts CompactFlash Type I and II, IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, and MagicGate Memory Stick. And if you don’t have a LAN (Local Access Network) at home, this might just be the fastest sneakernet available between your computers. The 8-in-1 works with both Windows and Mac machines, but will run at high speed only when used with a USB 2.0 interface. If you’re running an older machine, don’t worry-the unit works with USB 1.1 as well. For more info, or to purchase it, visit

If you’re a Mac OS X user who has been pining for the automated Photoshop color adjustments you get with Extensis Intellihance Pro, we have one thing to say to you: Version 4.1. This upgrade (street price: $200 for full version, $100 for pre-4.0 upgrade, and a free upgrade for registered 4.0 users), is compatible with Photoshop 7 and Mac OS X and does what Intellihance Pro has always done: It automatically analyzes and corrects digital images, no matter what the source. It lets you use Variations or Fine Tune controls and compare the results with over 25 different previews. Plus, if you have a favorite setting, you can save it as a preset and apply it to a batch process later-a huge time-saver. For more info, visit