Round Up: Projectors
Since the death of slides, the best way to see your photos writ large is by using a digital projector. These high-resolution models, all at least WXGA, will do your pictures justice when projected on a screen or a wall. Here are some we like, from priciest to more affordable.

Optoma PRO360W- $749

This projector is 3D-ready—you’ll need a 3D graphics card on your PC and LCD shutter glasses to make that work. But it’s also great for 2D: It has a native resolution of 1280×800, is filterless (so you’ll never need to replace the filter), and, at 5 pounds, light enough for transport.

Epson PowerLite 96W- $900

This not-too-pricey Epson, with 1280×800 resolution, is packed with features. It has a 16-watt speaker and built-in mic input, and it’s wireless-capable for control via the web. You can even do a slideshow sans PC—just plug a JPEG-loaded USB drive into it directly.

Sanyo PLC-WK2500- $995

At 6.4 pounds and a compact 13.1×4.0x9.7 inches, Sanyo’s 1280×800 projector is small enough for travel. Sanyo says it will have a longer life, too, with a lamp that can last up to 6,000 hours. With a 16:10 aspect ratio, it’s a great bet for showing off HD video.

JVC DLA-X3- $4,500

This 1920×1080 projector is great for 2D, but it can also show 3D straight from your 3D still or video camera, without requiring a 3D-capable PC in between. You’ll just need to add glasses ($179 per pair) and a signal emitter to go with them ($79).

Canon REALis WUX4000- $9,000

This pro-level, 4,000-lumen projector has a higher-than-HD res of 1920×1200. Interchangeable lenses mean you can project nearly anywhere—no matter how close to or far from the screen you are. It’s network-ready, so you can control it from any computer.