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The subject of this image is a nanoskin on a drop of water. When you look at a droplet like this, you have to wonder, why is the drop forming? The molecules at the edges are somehow saying to each other, “Lets just keep this shape for awhile until gravity prevents it,” and then it falls down. Those molecules are making that drop of water, but the nanoskin is the drop. We decided we wanted a drop of water, so I knew that I had to somehow making it more interesting. During the process of making this book, which was about four years in the making, I began collecting things I had no idea whether I would ever use. One was a pastel palette, a cheap collection, a grid of five by five pastel colors in one-inch squares, which I used as a background for this photo. As a background it’s out of focus, If you look really hard in the drop, you can see the tiny reflection of it.