Gold Plated Nikon FA: $10,999.00 Ebay seller alnasher76's limited-edition, gold Nikon FA camera is definitely one of flashiest retro cameras we have seen in a while. Not only are the top and bottom of the camera gold-plated, but it is also wrapped in "lizard skin". Even the 50mm f/1.4 lens has a thin band of gold around the barrel. The packaging is almost as elaborate, consisting of a box made from paulownia wood, sporting a festive green bow. For a cool $10,999.00 this 1984 Japan-only beauty could be yours!.
Leica Sabre Rifle Stock: $8,280.00 The Leica Sabre Rifle Stock is a rare and rather cool Leica accessory designed for stabilizing the camera when shooting with a long, heavy lens. It’s a lot like the current shoulder rigs being used by HDSLR video shooters. With a price approaching $10,000, it’s likely it will end up as part of a Leica collection rather than out in the field.
Canon EF 1200mm 1:5.6 Lens (Serial No.225): $81,500 For Canon lens nerds, this 1,200mm monster is the stuff of legend. The $81,000-ish price tag seems high, but not when you consider that a new one from Canon will cost you a monstrous $120,000. The auction includes the sturdy tripod, which is a pricey item in itself. B+H has a pretty cool demonstration of just how long this lens is over at their site.
50 Years Blue and Gold Hasselblad 503CX, CF 80mm f/2.8 lens and A12 film back: REDUCED PRICE $5,382.00
There are reportedly only 700 or so of these Golden Blue Hasselblads floating around, but they seem to pop up on eBay more frequently than we’d expect. Now 20 years-old, the 24-karat gold trim is sure to make this body draw even more attention on the street than a typical Hasselblad body. While it would make a great display piece in its display box, it would be a shame not to run any film through it.
stereoleica copy.jpg
Leica Museum Piece: Stereo-Elmar 3,5/3,5 cm outfit Lens: $135,620.00 The very same Ebay seller who brought us the Leica Sabre Rifle Stock, brings us this week’s most expensive and mysterious item. This stereo outfit — despite its age — is allegedly fully-functional and completely scratch and fungus free. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there about this $136,620 item, so if you’re in the know, feel free to leave some knowledge in the comments.