Drop It Modern Wallpapers
Drop It Modern Wallpapers
Some of the patterns from the Drop It Modern wallpaper collection Drop It Modern

If you have been to a wedding or really any event with an open-air photo booth in the past couple of years, you’ve probably stood in front of a Drop It Modern backdrop. The company makes interesting and often limited-edition prints on its heavy cloth backdrops that are very popular with many photographers. What you might not know is that Drop It Modern also sells wallpaper with many of the same patterns, so you can adorn your house in the same fashion.

Drop It Modern Wallpapers
Gothic Garden is a popular photo backdrop style for Drop It Modern. Drop It Modern

Many of the patterns are pretty busy, so covering a whole room might be a bit much, but it seems like a cool option for something like an accent wall. It’s an extra bonus if the wall could also double as a photo backdrop for shooting portraits in your house.

Sadly, Drop It Modern doesn’t offer a wallpaper version of its popular sequin backdrops—at least not yet.

The cost of a 10-foot roll of wallpaper starts $62, but it can vary from pattern to pattern. It has a 24-inch vertical repeat and a 28-inch horizontal repeat on a 30-inch wide roll, so you will need to trim the paper if you want to it match up just right. Sure, it’s extra work, but wallpaper has never exactly been the easy route when it comes to covering a wall.

You can buy the wallpaper here.