FYI: Ansel Adams Taught Himself Photography With Books And Experimentation

Passion and the willingness to put in work are key aspects to excelling behind a camera.

When we think of Ansel Adams, we typically think of him as a technical master. He had an insane amount of skill and a tremendous knowledge about every aspect of the photographic process. But, how did he learn all of that information? Turns out, he was mostly self-taught.

The latest episode in Marc Silber’s Advancing Your Photography series regarding Ansel Adams takes a look back into Ansel’s learning process, which started well after his formal education stopped in the 8th grade.

Ansel’s son, Michael even offers some second-hand advice he believes his dad would give to an aspiring photographer today. “Experiment, do things, take photographs, get out there, and see what the world is all about.” Sounds good to us.