There are many ways to capture the beauty and power of urban landscape. Photographer Brian Parillo’s images of skyscrappers are proof of this. Send us your best skyscraper image by April 30th for a chance to win $100, have your photo printed in the magazine and secure a spot in our Winners’ Circle.

****Deadline:** March 31st. ****Winner’s will receive $100 and have their photo printed in the magazine. Get the rules and entry info below. **

Photo Challenge Contest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I enter?
A: Send digital images — JPEG files of up to 1MB — to

Q: How many photographs can I enter each month?
A: You may submit up to 5 digital images each month.

Q: Are there any special file requirements?
A: Yes, if accepted for publication, a 3MP or higher (9MB file size, uncompressed) image will be required. The bigger the better.

Q: How exactly should I name my files?
A: Please use your name as your file name, and if you’re making submitting multiple files, number them consecutively. So if your name is Paul Jones and you’re sending three photos, name your files pauljones1.jpg, pauljones2.jpg, and pauljones3.jpg. Also, please include title of the specific Photo Challenge you are entering in the subject line of your email.

Q: Do you only accept “straight” photos, or can I manipulate my images?
A: Either is fine but be sure to tell us what you did. We expect you to make your photos look as good as you can through ordinary techniques such as cropping, color correction, and contrast adjustments. If you’re submitting a composite image, please inform us when you send it. But if you’re more into photo illustration, check out our annual Digital Wizard contest instead.

Q: What kinds of photos win?
A: Our editors love all kinds of photography, so take a look at our web galleries of Photo Challenge Contest winners and finalists. We want to see the best you have to offer. But we don’t publish nudes, so keep it clean.

Q: Can I send slides or prints?
A: No. You can only e-mail digital images.

Q: Will you acknowledge receipt of my entry?
A: Sorry, but with the large volume of entries, that is not possible.

Q: What can I win?
A: If your photo is selected you will win $100. And your photo will be published in Popular Photography magazine and may be showcased in a gallery on the Pop Photo website.

Q: What information should I send with the photos?
A: Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Also, any technical information you can supply about the photo — camera, lens, settings, film, software, and printer. Submitting a composite? Tell us! If you win and we need more material, we will contact you.