Elinchrom, Phottix, and Sekonic Are Working On a New Lighting Control System

A strategic partnership could lead to some cool new lighting products

It was recently announced that Pocket Wizard would no longer be a part of the MAC group, the company that had been handling their distribution for quite some time. It was a bit of insider news that didn’t really make for a great blog post, but now it seems it was foreshadowing a new tech partnership that could lead to some very interesting things.

Elinchrom, Phottix, and Sekonic are apparently working on a variety of light controlling technologies that will work across the brand's products. Here are some examples from the press material:

Phottix and Elinchrom design engineers are collaborating on enhanced features for the next generation of the Skyport transmitter which will include hyper-sync functionality. Photographers using the Phottix Indra 360 TTL or Indra 500 TTL lighting systems will soon have the ability to use the broad range of Elinchrom light-shapers, the most popular light-shaping tools in the world. Sekonic is collaborating with both Phottix and Elinchrom to finalize two new 478-series LiteMaster Pro flash meters; one for Elinchrom featuring in-meter power control and one for Phottix that allows for triggering of groups from the meter. 
> One thing you can say about lighting control systems in general is that they’re pretty segmented and often closed, so it’s nice to see things going in the other direction for once. I certainly respect different companies and their need to make products that stand out from the rest, but I also like it when products work together.

We’ll be keeping tabs on the new products as they’re developed, so here’s hoping we see some cool new tech in the coming months.