Dutch National Police Catch Unauthorized Drones With Trained Eagles

In case you weren’t aware, you’re now obligated to register your drone if you plan on flying it, and it’s going to cost you $5 for the privilege. Flying a drone where you shouldn’t can get you in a lot of trouble, but apparently doing so in the jurisdiction of the Dutch National Police might earn your drone a beatdown from a trained eagle.

This video (the audio is in Dutch and so are the subtitles) shows the police officers working with the birds to take down the DJI drone in mid-air. Eagles can generate a lot of speed and have extremely strong talons, so the takedown looks like a pretty straight-forward task for the bird.

As the Gizmodo post suggests, it does seem a bit dangerous to send a live bird into the potential path of some sharp, spinning rotors, so the practicality of the solution is somewhat questionable.

Of course, here in America, we prefer our solutions a little more straight forward, like using these shotgun shells that are specifically marketed for their ability to shoot drones out of the sky.