moving vehicle assignment main

Welcome to the first edition of the Weekend Photo assignment. Hope you all brought your cameras.

Our very first assignment is to take a photo from a moving vehicle.

The prompt is deliberately a little vague, but our wonderful readers actually helped us choose it via a quick poll over on our Facebook page. The subject matter doesn’t matter to us as long as the end result is a creative, well-executed photograph. You can shoot from a car, a bus, a train, a plain…whatever. Just DON’T TAKE PICTURES WHILE DRIVING.

The submission period will only be open from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon, so you’ll have just this weekend to get your shot. I realize that there’s a few holidays happening this weekend, but it’ll give us a good chance to feel out this process and hone it going forward.

Oh, and as an incentive to do your homework, we’ve also got some prizes to give away! This week’s haul is a collection of books from Focal press. Here’s the list:

  • _Adobe Photoshop CS5 For Photographers _by Martin Evening
  • _Photographing Flowers _by Harold Davis
  • _The Photographer’s Vision _by Michael Freeman

We’ll pick a group of finalists on Monday, including our picks and the images with the most amount of votes, so be sure to share your entry with as many people as possible. We’ll also be picking an image or two to be featured as Photo of the Day on the homepage of

This is going to be fun and inspiring, so bring your A game.