ColorWorks Will Turn Your Photos Into Mosaics Made Of Actual Crayons

Starting at $350, this company will render your photos in crayon pixels.

ColorWorks Crayon Mosaic Photos
The box on the left has been magnified to show the crayon “pixels.” Color.Works

There are lots of cool things you can do with your digital photos in the age of the internet, but converting them into full-fledged crayon mosaics has to be one of the coolest. For a fee, Color.Works will create an image of your photo up to 51.25 x 37.25-inches made completely out of real crayons.

ColorWorks Crayon Mosaic Photos
Another close-up view of the crayons. I can almost smell the wax. Color.Works

Color.Works has a collection of pre-fab images that are already crayon-ified, but the really cool part here is the “create your own” section. The process isn’t cheap because of the amount of materials and work involved. A 16.5 x 12.25-inch image will take 1,260 crayons and cost $350. The biggest model takes 14,000 crayons and costs a cool $2,999.

ColorWorks Crayon Mosaic Photos
The Color.Works price list at the time of this post. Color.Works

As you might imagine, the crayon pixels create a rather trippy artistic effect that you will likely either love or hate. As a plus, though, I have to imagine a big one would make your whole room smell like crayons, at least for a while.

From: Gizmodo