Samsung T3 SSD Storage Device
Samsung T3 SSD Storage Device

As solid state drives creep more and more into the territory once dominated by hard drives, storage devices are getting smaller and faster. Samsung’s adorable T3 drive can cram up to 2 TB of data into a drive that’s not much bigger than a book of matches.

The drive itself is an updated version of a product we saw released at last year’s CES show, the T1. The T3 has a read/write maximum speed of 450 MB/s and is resistant to the abuses of being banged around inside of a travel bag.

Like the T1 before it, the T3 has some pretty robust encryption capabilities, including 256-bit hardware encryption and a companion Android app that lets you control details and see info about the drive.

Capacities will start at 250 GB and go all the way up to a massive 2 TB, which could make this a really awesome little go-between drive for things like backing up entire photo and video sessions in the field. It won’t be cheap, however, so you’ll be paying for all of that compactness.