Canadian Traffic Camera Picture of a Snowy Owl
Canadian Traffic Camera Picture of a Snowy Owl

Traffic cameras and be a mixed bag. Some are great and tell you how much traffic is binding up specific roadways. Others, however, rat on you when you commit even minor traffic offenses. One Canadian traffic camera, however, is getting a lot of attention for capturing a really awesome shot of a snowy owl in flight.

The photos were posted to Canadian social media pages and have since gone pretty “viral” around the web. The real key shot shows the owl with its wings almost fully spread, flying directly toward the camera.

With cameras getting smaller all the time, they’re showing up in more and more places. We can’t go a couple days without seeing someone mounting a GoPro camera in a clever spot and making a cool video. Once the resolution continues to climb, pulling screen grabs like this could make for some truly awesome moments.

You can see more of the images over on the Facebook page.