A pro-caliber lens, it’s optimized for the widest apertures, and our test revealed just that—f/32 resolution was below average, but f/2.8 excelled.

Standout Spec: Slightly more compact than the comparable Canon lens, less costly, too.

Product Specifications

Lens Type: Prime
Compatibility: Full Frame
Range: Super Telephoto
Mount: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sigma
Auto Focus: Yes
Full-Time Manual Focus Override: No
Silent AF: Yes
Zoom: No
Minimum Focal Length: 300 mm
Maximum Focal Length: 300 mm
Fastest Aperture: f/2.8
Slowest Aperture: f/32.0
Image Stabilization: No
Elements: 11
Groups: 9
Filter Size: 46 mm
Length: 8.4 inches
Weight: 84.7 ounces
Price: $3000.00
Tripod Collar: Yes
Included Case: Yes
Macro: No
Tilt/Shift: No
Model Number: