California Photographer Loses Decade of Work to hard Drive Thieves

My office is cluttered with hard drives full of photos. Seriously, I have an entire drawer full of them that has spilled over onto a shelf. I would be extremely bummed if they were stolen, but that’s the sad reality for Oakland, California-based photographer, Jennifer Little.

According to the report, thieves removed a screen and climbed in through her bathroom window, then proceeded to loot the place, taking a hefty haul of cameras and hard drives containing digital files dating all the way back to 2005.

It’s a truly heart-breaking story. I seriously can’t imagine what it feels like to lose that much work, especially for someone who makes their entire living as a photographer. She even lost the groundwork she was using for an extensive project on China.

I keep most of the final exports of my photos in off-site storage, but many of my raw files exist only on the hard drives I keep in my house and in a safe.

Little is currently trying her best to recover the stolen drives, but she doesn’t know if she’ll ever see her files again. The hard drives themselves likely don’t even have that much value when it comes to sale on the street, so hopefully there’s a chance they’re returned.

From: CBS San Francisco vis Reddit