Bionic Lens Eye Implant Could Offer Vision Improvements Well Beyond 20/20
Bionic Eye Surgery Corrects Vision

You might not consider your eyes part of your photograph kit, but it’s hard to make sharp photos if your vision is naturally blurry. Dr. Garth Webb, a Canadian optometrist, is trying to fix our vision without the need for contacts or glasses. Ocumetic Bionic Lenses are meant to be implanted directly into the eye and may improve a patient’s vision beyond the 20/20 benchmark commonly associated with excellent vision.

You can read more details about the process over at the CTV site, but it seems like a very promising procedure. Because of the way it works, it can correct vision, even in older patients, as long as they’re over the age of 25 and the eye is mature.

For many photographers, it’s a real struggle to manage glasses, or even contacts, and the camera, so if this were to become a mainstream treatment, it could be huge.