The best tripods for your smartphone

Our picks for hands-free, stable smartphone photography.

The right smartphone tripod can open up a plethora of photographic possibilities without adding much bulk to your bag. You can choose from basic tabletop tripods that will keep your shots steady for long exposures, flexible options that can attach to railings, or tiny tripods that are small enough to fit in your pocket. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll be glad you have one when the right photo opp presents itself.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini

Use How You Want

Doubles as an ergonomic grip when closed. Manfrotto

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Manfrotto is best known for its larger photo and video tripods, but they’ve managed to create a thoughtful tabletop tripod for smartphones with the PIXI Mini. This stainless steel tripod boasts a maximum payload capacity of 1kg (2.2lbs), a ball head with 360° of rotation and ¼”-20 mount, and a simple one-button mechanism for adjusting the angle of your phone. Close it up, and the Manfrotto PIXI Mini doubles as an ergonomic grip for selfies or vlogging. The one major limitation is that you can’t attach your phone in portrait mode.

Griptight GorillaPod Stand PRO

Find The Right Angle

Time-tested and trusted brand for vloggers and beyond. Joby

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GorillaPods come in a wide variety of sizes, and the Griptight GorillaPod Stand PRO is the dedicated smartphone version. Larger and sturdier than the original GripTight ONE, the PRO version won’t break a sweat holding heavier phones, with or without a case. The included smartphone mount is reinforced with stainless steel plates to hold your phone securely, and boasts 90° of rotation and 150° of tilt so you can easily switch from landscape to portrait orientation. There’s no payload rating for the smartphone mount, but the GripTight PRO uses GorillaPod 1K legs that are rated for a max payload of 1kg (2.2lbs). As with all GorillaPods, you get a well-built product with those immediately recognizable legs that allow you to put your phone in places no regular tripod could go.

Ubeesize Tripod S

Great For Selfies

This affordable pick gives you creative flexibility at an affordable price. Ubeesize

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The Ubeesize Tripod S is one of the best selling and affordable flexible smartphone tripods on the market. Standing at a height of 10.6 inches with a payload capacity of 1kg (2.2lbs), the Ubeesize goes step-for-step with the more expensive GorillaPod, while still offering wrappable legs, non-slip rubber feet, and a sturdy metal ball head. As a bonus, Ubeesize has thrown in a bluetooth camera remote that allows you to trigger your iOS or Android phone from up to 30ft away. Unlike the GorillaPod, you’ll have to attach the included “orientation adapter” to shoot in portrait mode with the Ubeesize Tripod S, but that seems like a minor inconvenience to us.

Jelly Grip Tripod

Little Guy On The Block

Smallest, most portable option on our list. Square Jellyfish

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The Jelly Grip Tripod Mount and Jelly Long Legs Tripod is the smallest, most portable smartphone tripod kit on our list. Weighing just 2.6oz and folding down to pocket size, the Jelly Grip can nevertheless hold phones up to 3 and ⅝ inches wide in either landscape or portrait orientation. It’s not as sturdy as some of the other options on our list, but the pocketable design makes it easy to bring the Jelly Grip Tripod with you everywhere.

Fotopro UFO

Lightweight With Anti-Skid Feet

For shooting near water. Fotopro

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Like many of the options above, the Fotopro UFO comes with a ball head and ¼”-20 mount, smartphone and GoPro mounts, and a bluetooth remote at a very reasonable price. What sets this tripod apart is its patented waterproof legs, which can be bent to an extreme degree, allowing you to wrap them around railings or tree branches without leaving any gaps between the legs and your attachment point. You sacrifice a little bit of payload capacity, with a rating of only 800g (1.76lbs) from the plastic ball head, but you gain a unique design that ensures the tripod can be securely attached just about anything.