Watch: Reely and Truly, Tyrone Lebon’s Dreamlike Short Film on Photography

Tyrone Lebon‘s latest short documentary is a filmic journey though portrait studios in Japan, underground subway tunnels in New York, and seemingly everywhere in between where contemporary photographers and photojournalists practice. Reely and Truly, commissioned by Grolsch Film Works, explores the many facets of the medium through intimate interviews with a diverse set of over 30 photographers, including Juergen Teller, Petra Collins, Jill Freedman, and Takashi Homma, meditating on their lives and art and intersection thereof.

Collage-like, with kaleidoscopic light leaks and layered voiceovers, the 30-minute documentary is shot on nearly every celluloid film stock still available, from Super 8 to 65mm. What is the camera’s relationship to the real? How do we use it to remember, and how do we use it to forget? Why do we need to make pictures? Lebon calls it “an extended trailer,” for a longer book project planned for 2015.

“I’d hope that through the bombardment of images and information, different people walk away with different things sticking,” he told Vogue. “That different things about photography become significant to them.”