Video: UrbEx Photography in NYC with Vic Invades

Vic Invades will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot—creep through train stations, scale the roofs of fancy Manhattan apartment buildings and dangle off the edge of skyscrapers to capture the city below.

“UrbExing entices you to use your city as your own playground,” Vic says in an Op-Doc recently published by The New York Times that offers thrilling POV footage of how the photographer makes his beautiful imagery.

This popular genre of photography isn’t for the risk-adverse though. Vic acknowledges that he’s had run-ins with the police while shooting, close encounters with speeding trains and once you’re on top of a building staying in the moment and being aware is crucial. But for Vic the risks are worth it.

“I feel like I’m liberating the views,” he says. “That is something that every New Yorker should be able to see but they can’t see. Not everyone has the money and not everyone has the understanding of how to get into these locations.”

Check out the full video about Vic Invades above.