Photojournalism of the Week: May 18, 2012

The Soyuz TMA-04M rocket launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 carrying Expedition 31 astronauts to the International Space Station. Bill Ingalls is a NASA senior staff photographer, whose work we are big fans of (he has also appeared in our weekly round-up before). Ingalls has been working for the space agency for over 18 years, shooting nearly every space launch in that time. You can follow his daily shooting adventures on Twitter.AP Photo/NASA, Bill Ingalls

Mentally Ill Continue To Live Under Harsh Conditions In Bali

Lack of care for people with mental disorders in developing nations is a serious concern for world health organizations. The man shown here, from Bali, Indonesia, has been chained in the same room for 9 years. Paula Bronstein is a Getty Images staff photographer and a Pulitzer Prize finalist. You can see her incredible portfolio of work on Getty Images. Another one of her powerful images also appeared in our weekly roundup a few weeks ago, and can be viewed here.Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
An Olympic flag waves as spectators watch the start of the flame ceremony at Panathinean stadium in Athens, Greece. From here, the torch will start its 70-day journey, ultimately arriving in London for the start of the Games. Petros Giannakouris is an Associated Press staffer based in Greece.AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris

"Moonrise Kingdom" Photocall - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Bill Murray poses at the "Moonrise Kingdom" photocall during the 65th-Annual Cannes Film Festival in Paris, France. Pascal Le Segretain is a Getty Images staffer specializing in celebrities and fashion. He is based in Paris, France.Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

A man cleans a fuel tanker, which was used to carry fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan, parked at a compound in Karachi

A man cleans NATO fuel tankers, bound for Afghanistan, where they will assists war efforts. Athar Hussain is a Reuters staffer based in Pakistan.REUTERS/Athar Hussain
Paraguayan marine officer Humberto Gimenez poses with his snake, named "Kuriju," wrapped over his shoulders before the start of an Independence Day parade in Asuncion, Paraguay. Jorge Saenz is an Associated Press staff photographer currently working out of South America.AP Photo/Jorge Saenz

A girl plays with her brother as they search for usable items at junkyard near the Danyingone station in Yangon's suburbs

A girl plays with her brother as they search for usable items at junkyard in a Yangon's suburb of Myanmar. Damir Sagolj is a Reuters staff photographer based in Myanmar. He recently won first prize in the World Press Photo "Daily Life Singles" category. Check out his awesome blog over on the Reuters site, as well as his past appearance in our weekly round-up here.REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

Toothaker uses a dip net to fish for elver along a river near Portland

Fisherman Lester Toothaker uses a dip net to fish for juvenile eels, also known as elvers, along a river near Portland, Maine. May 31 marks the end of what has become a Gold Rush for a small group of Maine fishermen, as the price of elvers has seen an increase of nearly a hundred-fold over the past decade. Joel Page is a photojournalist working for Reuters, based out of Maine, who he covers everything from eel fishing to Lady Gaga. See more of his work on his site.REUTERS/Joel Page
Reflections in a rickshaw mirror depict daily life on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. Muhammed Muheisen is the Chief Associated Press photographer for Pakistan. He has had more images appear in our weekly round-up then any other photographer (see more of his work here and here). He was also part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team of AP photographers who took first place in the Breaking News Photography category in 2005. Warning, the image that follows is graphic in nature.AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen

Former Colombian Interior Minister Fernando Londono, who is injured, walks as he is guarded by a bodyguard after an explosion in a central avenue in Bogota

Former Colombian Interior Minister Fernando Londono walks away from the site of an explosion in Bogata, Colombia, accompanied by a bodyguard. The failed assassination attempt against Londono killed two others. Fredy Builes is a Reuters staffer based in Columbia.REUTERS/Fredy Builes

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