Magnum Foundation Announces Photography, Expanded Fellowship Winners
Unfinished latrines. Wantugu, Northern Region, Ghana. 2014. © Peter DiCampo
Found Polaroid from Fade Resistance archive Courtesy Zun Lee
Carolyn Beauford is one of 10 family members who attended the cookout hosted by Bridging the Gap bus company, which provides transportation for families to select Pennsylvania prisons. Carolyn wears a shirt that reads, “Parole Lifers” to support her brother-in-law Kevin Coleman. He is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. © Jacobia Dahm

Last week Magnum Foundation announced that Peter DiCampo and Zun Lee would be the recipients of their new Photography, Expanded Fellowship, an initiative that encourages documentary photographers to utilize technology to create more immersive and interactive forms of storytelling. This year Magnum partnered with the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia’s School of Journalism to present the two fellowships.

Peter DiCampo will be working on “What Went Wrong,” a participatory photography project that examines the actual value of aid money sent to Sub-Saharan Africa. Zun Lee will be working on a project called “Fade Resistance” which “seeks to restore the narrative impact of thousands of found African American vernacular Polaroid photographs.” Lee will be working to develop an interactive archive for the collection that he hopes will be used to inspire “multidisciplinary conversation about ongoing issues of visual representation” in the African American community.

In addition to the two fellowships, Magnum will also be offering a developmental grant to Zara Katz and Lisa Riordan Seville’s project “Women on the Outside,” which will look at the experience of women with incarcerated loved ones.

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