New Gear: Profoto Collapsible Reflectors

Bounce some light with Profoto's new line of reflectors

profoto reflector

profoto reflector

Profoto has just announced a new line of collapsible reflectors, available in a range of sizes and colors, suitable for bouncing and altering all manner of light to make your shots come out just how you want them.

Halfway between a square and a circle, Profoto has dubbed the reflectors "squircle-shaped", with a metal collapsible frame, and two fortified handles for easy grasping. The reflectors will come in five different colors: Silver/White, Sunsilver/White, Gold/White, and Matte Black/White, as well as a translucent screen version. All of these will be available in either medium (80 cm /32’’) or large (120 cm /47”) sizes, for a total of 10 different options in the lineup.

You can see more of the reflectors in action at a blogpost on the Profoto site, as well as a behind the scenes at a shoot with them.

Unfortunately, Profoto hasn't announced what the reflectors will cost, or exactly when they'll be in stores, but you can expect to see them in the near future.