LAKE TAHOE VIDEO WORKSHOP - A look back at our video adventure [sponsored post]


Mentor Series Lake Tahoe

Mentor Series Lake Tahoe

When we asked South Lake Tahoe trekkers what they thought of the trip, they said “absolutely awesome,” “a perfect trek for intense creativity” and “a total immersion course in visual expression wrapped in a seamlessly organized photographic adventure.” Trekkers also had high praise for the Nikon Mentors, photographer and educator Reed Hoffmann and well-known adventure*videographer Lucas Gilman. “The mentors were extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and always available to offer great camera advice and video tips.” Even those participants who were initially skeptical about shooting their own broadcast-quality HD videos of mountain bikers with Nikon’s latest HD-SLRs, which were available for the everyone to use, were soon won over. “Learning how to shoot extreme action video on a Nikon D4 was a blast, and it was really thrilling to see our group’s video clips edited into a cool recap video.”

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