pin up

pin up

Israel passed a law this year forcing publishers to disclose the use of Photoshop, CoverGirl had their ads pulled for using it, Arizona debated a law requiring warning labels on altered images, countless models has seen their clothing or body parts whittled down, and a 14-year-old even picketed a major magazine over it.

But altering images of women, from removing clothing, thinning a model’s frame, or giving her bigger hair or more makeup, is a practice that’s been around much longer than Photoshop. A series of before and afters of classic pin up illustrations from the 40s and 50s shows the original photographs next to the artist’s rendering of the “idealized” woman. Proving some things never change.

Before and After of 1950s “Photoshoped” Pin-up Girls

Click here for a gallery of the before and after images.

Via. F-stoppers